Saturday, December 8, 2012

Food I Made But Did Not Blog About: 2012

This was not delicious.
Limp Briskit?
Shrimp in awesomesauce. I literally have the recipe for awesome sauce.

Charming Swedish pancakes full of molten lava lemon curd. Ow :(
Yum, though. But ow.

Do this: Google "Francis Lam Ginger Scallion Sauce"

Swiss chard a la Rick Bayless

First pot of black beans from scratch! Edible!

Thai-ish green eggplant-chicken curry, infinitely more delicious than it looks.

Boyfriend's birthday tart: Almond paste with apricots and cherry preserves, recipe from Bon Appetit

Kidney bean & ginger curry
This experiment was not repeated.
Sticky brown sugar cake, courtesy of the kitchn
Peasant (eggplant) caviar

Working class caviar ;)

Butternut squash: Never Again

If you have to ask, I'd rather explain in person

Thems went in there...

Shrimp & pineapple rice and charred scallions

Tembleque that did not set, but we will revisit this gel in espresso cups thing.

Matzoh pudding batter with apples, courtesy of thekitchn

Deb Perlman's raspberry macaroons are as easy as she promises

Secret family recipe chicken

First pizza ever: Deb Perlman's dough recipe, Emeril Lagasse's tomato sauce, caramelized onions and ricotta

Second pizza ever: Potato, rosemary and caramelized onion

Ceasar salad pizza. What?

The Sassy Radish's Espresso and Chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting

Before I made those strawberries, these bowls had matching bottoms...
Iceberg lettuce and Chinese broccoli salad. It involved garlic.

Summery orzo salad, with a thing on my hand my dermatologist explained as "maybe a caterpillar fell on you."

I grew these!
and I have no idea what to do with them!

Shrimp with broccoli in tomato sauce

"I thought that was a bowl of candy" - Guy at work

Best banana bread yet, from the kitchn. The secret is old bananas. Not yellow bananas, which aren't old, I just think they are.
Mujadara! A big thanks to the gentleman at Khalustyan's for making me sample what I will never have to buy again.

White bean ragout with whole wheat Israeli cous cous. Less delicious than you'd think

Temperamental chocolate babka broke despite ginger-careful-dont-wake-the-baby handling; S'okay, it got eaten anyway.
See? I make stuff all the time. Sometimes I even photograph it. And even more rarely, I blog about it.
But if you want a recipe for any of these things, I can do that.