Monday, June 28, 2010

What (little) I know about cooking

I've had this blog for a year now, and its high time I wrote an entry already.
I should probably start off by admitting that I am mostly a crotchety misanthrope. Seriously, I look forward to being old because then I will get to shake my cane at yung'uns and it will be socially acceptable behavior. There's little I find exciting, pop culture is alienating, and beer pong makes me positively murderous. The few exceptions to this general streak, though, are food, books,and sometimes mind-numbingly stupid television shows. (Also, baby ocelots yeeee look at their little faces! Oh my god how is it legal for them to look like that? I want one so much!)

Anyway, in keeping with the title of the entry, and tying that to the stuff I just wrote, I will say that somehow, at some point, I realized that I really enjoy am probably obsessed with all things food related. I love reading recipes; I have a pile of cookbooks under my bed, a subscription to Bon Appetit and envelopes full of clipped recipes from food packaging. Strange? What? Well, who asked you?

So now I have a blog.
It'll be a decent one, I think. On it, I'll post stuff I've made successfully, which will mostly be inexpensive and family-friendly, (because, let's face it, I'm presently inches from broke and live at home,) stuff I've screwed up (The Culinary Cautionary Tale ftw), and food related webthings that I love.
... And on that topic, check out Deb, the kitchen goddess Megan, burgeoning kitchen goddess, and  Manjula, my new Indian food guru grandma. All very delightful for their own reasons :)
What you will not find in this blog: Things that are super challenging, elaborate baked goods, breads, things with expensive ingredients, things that require that I make mashed potatoes and turn them into something else (why do that? They're mashed. Let's eat.) and men who look like heavy metal gnomes, because that freaks me out.

My skills of a chef are pretty basic, and I want to improve that. Watch me try and do it. That's what the Nomcon is for.

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