Friday, August 3, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday (maybe not *about* Friday)

You people with the blogs-- how do you come up with the content of your entries? Do you just sort of spew a stream of consciousness out onto the page, or do you make notes during the day? Inquiring minds want to know.

Per the previous post, I've been mostly pretty good about the lunch thing. I packed lunch all five days this week, and three the week prior. Not too shabby, overall.
Unfortunately, I just finished watching all the (new) Doctor Who that my boyfriend's Netflix account had to offer (do any of you or your boyfriends have a Netflix account with secret Doctor Who episodes? Just thought I'd put it out there.) So I have no idea what to do with myself. I will fill the void with sleep, since I should probably be doing that and don't get nearly enough of it.

On Friday, I get to go home early. On Friday, things are typically low key and not demanding and this time I thought I would get myself home, and, in the spirit of not buying stuff, I thought I would make a bunch of pizza dough. Out of things I already have: Flour, oil, water and yeast. Make a ton! Freeze it! Enjoy pizza night in the near future without needing 3 hours to play with the dough. I made it only once before, my first time baking with yeast, and it turned out pretty well, if a little tough. This time, I told myself, I'd just work the dough a little less. Easy peasy, and I'd throw in a load of laundry (there is a very pretty sundress with a big grease stain on it due to a soup dumpling mis-fire and it needs needs to be saved). But then. The train. I swear, no matter how energized and ready to Do The Things I'm feeling, the train just beats it out of me. Once I get out at my stop I'm all loo-dee-doo... gotta go buy olives and sit around eating all of them and then maybe brush my teeth and go to sleep. If it's 2 in the afternoon, that's irrelevant. Olives. Sleep. Maybe toothpaste.

Can I ask the internet another question?
How do you stay energized?
Do you exercise? (I hate you) Do you drink a quart of OJ a day? (I hate OJ so much) Do you drink a quart of the blood of virgins harvested under a full moon? (Not so into blood or virgins either, but can have a go at this, maybe). Sodas of the brown variety (Pepsi, Coke) used to be amazing at this task, even better than coffee, but those are off the table, and coffee doesn't really energize me so much as keeps the caffeine deprivation headaches at bay ("Maybe you shouldn't drink so much coffee" is NEVER what you say to someone who is wincing and turning away from the morning light. The correct approach is always "You like it with milk, right? I'll be right back.")
I know that "everyone" is "always" "tired" - but is there a way around that? Or am I supposed to wear that nasty red clump of capillaries in my right eye like a badge of honor? Does it say to the world, "I'm doing so much! I can't be bothered to rest or even to purchase Visine." or "Probably, I am hung over" (I'm not, but it's hard to look bloodshot and highbrow. You try it.)

There are things I can do. For example, I can take up jogging in the evenings (Or not, because even the idea of getting up and lacing my shoes is sooo exhausting). I could try to go to sleep at a reasonable hour every night. I could drink a freaky green morning smoothie that's so potent that I'll have the energy to come home and wash the blender! Oh, one can dream. Once can imagine rinsing off kale at 5:30 in the morning. One simply prefers to hit snooze, think "Oh, shit!" and run to the train with one's sandals still undone. One does this often.

My present project is to sound like an articulate human being by not saying the word "like" so much. It's gonna be, such as, challenging.

A good weekend to you lovely lurkey people.

The picture at the top is of the only thing I accomplished today: re-heating Chinese take-out vegetable mei fun noodles, with kim chi and a fried egg on top. Top something with a fried egg in your own life some time soon. Maybe a cat. Delicious.

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  1. Good job on making dough and bringing your lunch from home. I need to work on both of those things.